Yeti Foundation relief-work
Image courtesy of The Yeti Foundation Nepal

Design For Life is just that. Unique designs consciously crafted to enrich your life, whilst helping to improve the lives of those who need it.

Founded by Rebecca Slater in the wake of the April 2015 earthquake, “Design for Life” supports Nepalese artisans by buying cashmere and other local and ethically made items that will be sold giving back a large percentage of the proceeds to charitable organizations currently making a difference to lives in Nepal.

As Honorary Tourism Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal, Rebecca works to attract more and more visitors to Nepal and revive a tourism industry which the country needs.

The initial focus is to support The Yeti Foundation Nepal, who completed emergency rescue and relief work following the April 2015 earthquake. Their long-term projects have a focus on safe shelter, quality technical and vocational education, income generation programs, good health, respect and quality of life for underprivileged children, adults and senior citizens.

By purchasing Design for Life items, you are contributing to the better life that so many Nepalese deserve and yearn for.


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