Laprak - Yeti Foundation
Laprak. Images courtesy of The Yeti Foundation Nepal

The Yeti Foundation is committed to utilizing all its resources towards earthquake relief efforts.

The Foundation has taken this initiative to complement and support government and international aid organizations’ efforts.


Yeti Foundation Nepal at a glance

Yeti foundation Nepal ( YFN) is a non-profit social welfare organization established 2011 with the objectives to provide safe shelter, quality education , best health and self employment opportunity to differently able ,orphan ,underprivileged children and senior citizens and provide friendly environment for the harmonious development (physical ,mental ,social ,recreational ,ethical and spiritual) of individuals to live a respectful life.


Safe Shelter, Quality Education, Good Health and Harmonious development improves the Self confidence, Self respect and Quality life of underprivileged children and senior citizens.


  • Provide safe shelter and homely environment to differently able, underprivileged children and to senior citizens.
  • Ensure availability of quality education and promote harmonious development of differently able and underprivileged children.
  • Ensure the best care of differently able and senior citizens.
  • Provide differently able, child and elder friendly environment in the shelter
  • Provide vocational education and skill trainings to differently able, underprivileged children and senior citizens to make them self –sufficient and confident.
  • Promote Income generation opportunity among differently able, underprivileged children and in senior citizens to improve the quality in life style.
  • Explore market and manage sale of local product by differently able children and senior citizens and promote income generation.
  • Support Awareness raising on rights and protection of differently able and senior citizens
  • Promote recreational encouraging activities respectively with visit to different places.
  • Ensure participation of differently able, underprivileged children and senior citizens in national international workshop to update information
  • knowledge on rights /protection of respective.
  • Support and facilitate Research work within organization to update new knowledge and skill as well help in the publication of regular organizational magazine.

Presently working on

  • Emergency Rescue done to earth quake victims from solukhumbu.
  • Emergency relief ( tent ,rice , Beaten rice ,lentil ,salt ,and edible oil) distribution, reconstruction and rehabilitation to earth quake victims of Tanhun, Gorkha ,Dhading, Sindhupalchowk, Rasuwa and Solukhumbu.
  • On process to start children’s home a safe shelter (nutritious food ,continuation of quality education and psycho social counseling) to about 250 children; therefore working in close coordination with central child welfare board and already listed and identified the earth quake victims children from earth quake affected districts.
  • Adopted 3 villages (53 house hold Dharampani village of Tanhun district, Chourikharka and Thame village of Solukhumbu district). Participatory Rural Appraisal – social tool to identify the community need conducted. Assessment survey done and working with technical team for reconstruction steps.
  • Supported 200 children kit (school bag,rain coat ,copy ,pencil and eraser) and Dignity kit ( age 15-49 yrs women).Future Projects
  1. Senior Citizens home
  2. Child friendly quality education.
  3. Promote Organic Agriculture farming with active participation of children’s and senior citizens.
  4. Technical and Vocational education
  5. Income generation program (Parents of underprivileged children, senior citizens) and promotion of traditional skill.
  6. Explore market as well work as a bridge.