“Design for Life” aims to support Nepalese artisans, with a focus on pashminas and scarves all ethically produced in Nepal.

The campaign enables us to give back profits to local charities that are supporting the rebuilding of homes, villages, facilitating education and the promotion of tourism recovery.

By purchasing Design for Life items, you are contributing to the better life that so many Nepalese deserve and yearn for.

We Support

Design For Life is just that. Unique designs consciously crafted to enrich your life, whilst helping to improve the lives of those who need it… “Design for Life” supports Nepalese artisans by buying... READ MORE

Packaging and Tags

Hand Made Lokta Paper Lokta paper is made from the inner bark of the evergreen shrub, Daphne, a fibrous plant found in the southern slopes of Nepal’s Himalayan forest between 5,250 ft and... READ MORE